Day 1

Morning arrival to Ulan-Ude and hotel transfer. Start your day with a guided tour of the historic downtown and a visit to the Buddhist temple and the Open-Air Ethnographical Museum. Lunch at a traditional Buryat restaurant.  

Day 2

Departure to the starting point of the tour - Ust-Barguzin (270km/170mi). Lunch en route. In Ust-Barguzin, you will stay with a local family. Dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast. Transfer to the beginning of the trail - the Gremiachaya River. The trail goes through a rugged country. You will follow the Gremiachaya River at some points crossing it over the logs. The trail ends at the "Zimovie" - a traditional hunter's cabin. Built just 30 meters away from the river, it has simple beds and can accomodate 5-6 people.

  • Trail's length: 5 km

Day 4 

A difficult day and the early departure is recommended. The trail heads northeast acsending the river valley. The climb gradually becomes steeper. Closer to the mountain pass, the trail nearly disappears, while thick grass makes the move quite difficult. Overnight at a campsite near the mountain pass.

  • Trail's length: 13 km

Day 5. The trail goes down the mountainside to the Dubory River, a tributary of the Bolshoi Chivirkuy River. You will cross the Dubory over a log bridge. Overnight stop on the bank of the Bolshoi Chivirkuy.

  • Trail's length: 8 km

Day 6. Trekking starts with the descent down the Bolshoi Chivirkuy. The trail moves away from the river and goes down to Chivirkuy - the outpost of the Zabaikalsky National Park. Here, you can meet and talk to rangers while setting up a tent camp on the shore of Lake Baikal.

  • Trail's length: 11km

Day 7. Visiting sandy beaches of the Krokhalinnaya Bay located to the south of Chivirkuy. In this bay, you will stay at the boat hotel equipped with a sauna.  

  • Trail's length: 10 km

 Day 8. A boat ride to the Snake Bay famous for its hot springs. Here, you can explore coastal wilderness areas and even see bears, if it's the right time of the year. Be very aware, as these animals are wild and unpredictable! 

Day 9. The trail follows the coast of the Holy Nose Peninsula. You will visit Osinovsky Cape and the Millionnaya and Perch Bays. After crossing a ridge at Dead Men Cape (Pokoiniky), you will reach the village of Curbulick. Further on is Monk Village (Monakhovo), from where you will be transferred by bus to a place called Glinki, where you will stay overnight in tents.

  • Trail's length: 13 km

Day 10. After breakfast, you will climb Vidovaya Mountain - one of the highest peaks of the Holy Nose. The trail is very steep and difficult. From the top, you will see both the Barguzin and Chivirkuy Bays. Upon descent, you will be transferred by bus to Ust-Barguzin. Banya and comfort food for dinner at the host family.

Day 11. Breakfast with the host family. Transfer to Ulan-Ude.

Day 12. Departure.​

Adventure tours 

Trekking in the Zabaikalsky National park

This trekking tour is a great chance for those who love adventure and exploration. You will explore the wilderness of this remote area, hike across the Barguzinsky mountain range, and climb to the highest point of the magnificent Holy Nose peninsula. Untouched nature, crystal clean rivers, and breathtaking views will make an unforgettable impression. Below is a sample itinerary, which can be changed at your request.