Buryatia is a land where the religious traditions of Shamanism, Buddhism, and Christianity collide. 

Day 1

  • A tour of the Museum of History famous for the 17th century copy of the Atlas of Tibetan Medicine. There is a large collection of old Buddhist thangkas and religious sculptures from Buryatia, Mongolia, Tibet, China and India. 
  • After lunch - a trip to the Ivolga Datsan, the center of Buddhism in Russia. Here, you can see services, visit the library, and talk to lamas.

Day 2

  • A trip to the Atsagat Datsan (Gandan Darzhaling) - about 30 km from Ulan-Ude. It is one of the most revered Buddhist temples in Buryatia devoted to White Tara.
  • After lunch - a tour of the Open-Air Ethnographical Museum featuring traditional Buryat yurts and a small Buddhist temple.

 Day 3

  • A trip to the Tamchinsky Datsan (85km) - one of the oldest and most traditional Buddhist temples in Russia.



This is a sample religious tour that that features Buddhist monasteries of Buryatia, which we can adjust according to your request.