TOUR PROGRAM 10 days/ 9 nights:

This tour is has been developed upon a special request from one of our clients. The tour includes the most interesting and beautiful places around the great lake Baikal - the gem of Siberia.  

During this tour You will visit the Ulan Ude - the capital of republic of Buryatia, ride along the Eastern cost of Baikal, climb to the highest point of the magnificent Holy Nose peninsula, explore the ancient Barguzinsky valley, hike to the wilderness of Baikalski Natural Reserve, travel through time by the historic Circumbaikal railroad, cruise to the heart of Baikal - Olkhon Island, stop by Listvyanka settlement, and end your journey in the finest Siberian city of Irkutsk.   Untouched nature, crystal clean rivers, and breathtaking views of the lake together with rich cutural heritage of Buryatia republic will make one of a kind journey!

The cost of the tour - 95 500 rub per person (group 6 pax), 

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in Ulan Ude at Mergen Bator 5* 2,5 nights (includes first days early check in
  • Accommodation in Gremyachinsk at Baikal Riviera hotel, 1 night
  • Accommodation in Ust Barguzin - home stay 2 nights. 
  •  Accommodation in Barguzin valley - tourist lodge 1 night.
  •  Accommodation in Maksimikha village hotel Lukomorie - 1 night
  •  Accommodation in Baikalsk Grand-Baikal hotel, 1 night
  •  Accommodation in Irkutsk hotel Courtyard Marriott 1 night. 
  • Meals as per the itinerary, on most days meals we had  to be included when outside the city.
  •  Circumbaikal train, 1st class ticket
  •  private transport (a minivan car) for the entire tour program.
  •  English speaking guide along the entire tour program
  •  entrace fees where applies
  • all excursions and tours as in the program
  • all transfers as in the program.
  • guides and drivers' accommodation and food expences during the tours outside Ulan Ude. 
  • service fees. 

Day 1 ( June 17, Sat)

Morning arrival to Ulan-Ude and transfer to hotel. accommodation at Mergen Bator hotel 5*. STD DBL room, B&B.

Start your day with a guided tour of the historic Ulan Ude. This excursion highlights the three-and-a-half-century history of this city – its development from a small Cossack fortress on the banks of the Uda River to a prominent merchant town on the Great Tea Road and to a capital of an ethnic minority region of Russia. We’ll explore the streets of the Old Town lined with centuries-old traditional Siberian houses, see the Merchant Quarter, and visit a Buddhist temple – the Rinpoche Bagsha Temple situated on the top of a hill with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, its rivers, and surrounding landscapes.

Time for Lunch at a restaurant (not included in price)

After lunch, excursion to Ivolginsky Buddhist monastery – the center of Buddhism in Russia (3 hrs), further, for the rest of the day, excursion to the village of Russian Old Believers. The program includes authentic Russian cuisine dinner (is included in price) and folklore entertainment at a local host family.
Return to Ulan Ude, overnight at a hotel.

​​Day 2 (June 18, Sun) 

Morning, transfer to Gremyachinsk village (140km). On the way you will stop at Baturino village to visit Sretensky Nunnery. Its stone church was built in 1836 with the donations of parishioners and philanthropists. After the Russian revolution, this church was closed and neglected. The Nunnery was reestablished only in the late 1990s. 

Upon arrival in Gremyachinsk, accommodation at the hotel Baikalskaya Riviera, lunch.

In the afternoon, Excursions in the surrounding area - Turtle Rock — a famous rock revered by the locals that looks like a turtle standing in the water of the lake, and Sleeping Lion Rock. You will learn about the legends of their origins and other Baikals stories. In Turka village , visit to "the Baikal Harbor Special Economic Zone". A walking tour of the embankment and marina with breathtaking views of the lake, Baikalsky Mountain Range, and Olkhon Island.  Return to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel. Overnight.

Day 3 (June 19, Mon) 

Early in the morning, at  7 am transfer to Turka port for a boat tour to Olkhon Island. This is a 10 hour trip by water and by land. 3 meals included. First you will sail across the lake (for about 3,5-4 hours in one way) enjoying the breathtaking views of Baikal. Then, you'll have a 3 -hours excursion around the island, having stops at the most beautiful and famous landmarks, such as the Shaman Rock. The island has no good roads, you will travel off-roads by Russian jeeps. It is recommended to have bathtowels and swimming suites, in case one would want to dip into the lake! Windproof jackets and comfortable shoes are a must have. 
7 or 8 pm - transfer to Ust Barguzin village (280 km), accommodation in guest houses (homestays), includes delicious homemade meals. Overnight. 

Day 4 (June 20, Tue)

​​After breakfast. All day tour  - Hiking Svyatoi Nos peninsula. The peninsula Svyatoy Nos (Holy Nose) on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal belongs to the Zabaikalski National Park and is subdivided into several areas of different protection status. 

At first, you will pass the isthmus of peninsula Svyatoi Nos by a jeep car, along the sandy beaches of the largest bay of Baikal – Barguzin Bay. Then, ascend the mountain peak.  Svatoy Nos offers 2 beautiful trails varying in scenery and degree of difficulty. The first trail leads onto the highest peak (1877 m) of Svatoy Nos. At the top of the Svyatoi Nos there is a plateau, which gives a much broader view. In good weather you can see the archipelago of Ushkaniye islands  and remote objects more than 100 kilometers away. It’s a bit tiresome, but it’s worth seeing something like this. 

If it is hard to go to the top, you can only reach the forest edge, overlooking the magnificent panorama of Lake Baikal and Lake Arangatui’s two largest bays. This place is called “At the cross” (У креста). 
The tour lasts up to 10 hours.

Day 5 (June 21, Wed) 

 IN THE VALLEY OF THE RIVER BARGUZIN.  Two - days tour is a 400 km ride along the Barguzin valley,  “Mongolia in miniature”. Just 50 kilometers off the shores of the greatest lake lay the vast Barguzin valley. The area is known as Genghis Khan Mother’s homeland. Among the places of interest there are: numerous monuments of archaeology and nature including the ancient shaman place of worship Bukhe-Shulun (Bull Stone), cave paintings of 1000 B.C., salt lakes, natural garden of stones (our “Stone Hedge”) and many more. You will be visiting sacred shamanist and Buddhist places, enjoying the picturesque landscapes. A visit to Barguzin village – the first settlement of Russians in Transbaikalia, is also included.

On this day, you will end up in the Kuchiger village, known for its hot thermal springs and muds. Accommodation at tourist camp. Lunch and dinner (included)

Day 6 ​​(June 22, Thu)

On the second day of Barguzin valley tour, you will continue exploring this area. During the return trip, you will visit one sacred place. This place is a natural wonder found at the spurs of the Barguzin mountains by local buddhist monks. "The Goddess Yanzhima" miraculous stone, which is worshipped by the local people for its magic ability to fulfill wishes and give chilren to childless families. 
in the late evening,  the you arrive in Maksimikha village at the shores of Barguzinsky Bay (230 km from Ulan Ude) for an overnight. Accommodation at hotel Lukomorie, STD TWB/DBL rooms with the lake views, B&B.

Day 7 ​​(June 23, Fri)

 Morning at leisure in Maksimikha, relaxing at the beach and enjoying the views of Baikal lake. In the afternon, return to Ulan Ude. Accommodation at hotel Mergen Bator 5*. Overnight.

 Day 8 ​(June 24, Sat)
 Transfer to Tankhoi.  Lunch en route. Hiking the trail (6hr) in the Baikalski biosphere natural reserve. Enjoy the fresh air, picturesque views of mountain rivers, taiga forest .

Further, transfer to Baikalsk (95 km). Accommodation at Grand -Baikal hotel. STD DBL/TWN rooms, B/B 


Day 9 (June 25,  Sun)

 Transfer to Slyudyanka train station. 10-40 Circumbaikal train excursion starts.

During the way the  train makes a few stops, passengers are to enjoy the views, learning the history of this train ))) . Lunch en route. You continue your way to Irkutsk. Accommodation at Marriott hotel, DLX TWN/DBL, B&B. Overnight.

Day 10 (June 26,  Mon) 

In Irkutsk, first half of the day city tour. Afternoon, transfer to airport, flight to Ulan Bator - for those who must go to Ulan Bator. 
For add on trip to Khabarovsk - Vladivostok - this is a free day to explore the city of Irkutsk on your own. 

Day 11 (June 27, Tue) - additional day for the Add-on trip to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok

Transfer to the railway station. 07:47 departure to Khabarovsk by the trans-Siberian train Rossija #2. 

A special project